Seven Deadly Poems

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“No! Sarah, this is bad.”

Sarah’s hands were slapped hard,

and the pills went rolling across the kitchen floor.

“God, you can’t keep doing this.”

Derek’s voice was stressed,

not that Sarah noticed.


I need them.”

Her voice was scratchy.

“No you don’t.”


Why do you have to take

everything away.


Sarah was referring

to the way

she remembered her father.

My little sister never

saw him as the abusive drunk

that he was.

Sarah never understood

that Derek was always

the one to intercept

their father’s intentions.

There was no response as

Both siblings fought to pick up the most.

Derek always won

Sarah’s fingers never stopped shaking.

When Derek finished putting

most of the pill bottle down the sink

he squatted in front of his

weak sister.

“Sarah, how many?”

She shook her head.

Derek’s warm fingers

were then on her cheeks

and she moaned at how

good the feeling

of being touched felt.

It’s been years

since Sarah’s been touched

in such a loving way.

“C’mon sis. Get up.”

After a few


tired steps,

Derek scooped Sarah up

And carried her down the hall.

She knew what

was coming next.

They never had enough money

for hospital bills

so he brought her to the bathroom

and hoped for the best

after shoving his fingers

down her throat.

After gagging

and begging her older brother

to release her

from the torture,

he lovingly tucked her

under the warm sheets.

After the stress and tears,

Sarah fell asleep under

the watchful presence

of her only guardian.

In the back of her consciousness

Sarah promised herself

To find something to

ease the pain later.

There was no other way.

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