Seven Deadly Poems

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It seemed as if everything

had gone back to normal

within the last few weeks.

A time when one week was named November

and the next December.

Sarah sat with hunched shoulders

at the table when Derek walked in.


he grunted.

Sarah’s reply

was a glance over her shoulder.

There were a few quiet moments of

coffee cups clinking and

the bubbling hiss of the

poured coffee.

Sarah tightened her grip

on her own coffee,

trying to rid the cold that seemed to

seep through their back door.

Derek’s presence paused

in the kitchen behind Sarah.

“Hm. It snowed last night,”

Derek observed, gazing out the window.

It immediately peaked Sarah’s

interest, and she forgot all about

the cold that wanted to give her

back a massage.


She pulled the back door open

with a firm pull against the sticking door.

Then she held her hot coffee between

her fingers and against her chest

like it would protect her from the chill.

Both siblings stood in the comfortable silence

as they watched it start to flurry again.

It was a Saturday,

so they were already hearing the excited

squeals of little children

up and down the street.

Sarah turned with a light in her eyes

and Derek turned to meet her gaze after feeling

the weight of her stare.

He couldn’t help but relax his

always firm morning scowl.

“We should build snowmen.”

There was a competitive look

in Sarah’s smile.

Derek sat his cup down

next to the sink.

“You’re on.”

With that Sarah messily put her mug

on the counter and ran to get dressed

for the snow.

She didn’t hear it

but she had made Derek laugh

for the first time in months.

Derek stood there at the kitchen sink,

and it was like someone had hit him in the chest.

His heart started to beat a steady rhythm,

and his shoulders loosened their grip on his upper spin.

There was a realization that coated his heart

with a new kind of warmth.

Both Sarah and he had gotten through it all.





And he finally


that they could do it again

and again

until the pain faded.

Because everyone knows pain never goes away


But it does heal.

And that’s what both siblings were doing.

With that realization in his mind and heart

Derek turned to go beat his little sister in a snowman competition.

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