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Amor Tóxico

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Welcome to my humble abode. I don't know how long this will go on for but I'm here to introduce to you the Love Chronicles . Each part will have the nickname of the person it's addressed to at the bottom of each book/chapter. For now let's talk about being caught in a snake's toxic love.

Poetry / Romance
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The Love Chronicles: Part 1

Your precious lies were my daily devotion. The fiber that made up my being, my brightest star among the chaos. Mi mundo, mi amor, I breathed in the scorching words that you spoke. Scaring my body and adhering to your calls; damage to prove my everlasting love for you.

So why do you leave me? Mi corazón, I’ve repented. My sins of caring, loving, and trusting have been washed away in your toxic bath. Your hate, your disdain, the holy water of my religion. O Mighty Silver Tongue, rain down on me. Shackle my intuition and drag it afar. It tells me that you are wrong but how could that be? When you need support, I am at the beck of your call. To give to you and see your smile is the greatest reward. I cry out every night. I am too weak to bear your teaching; I lack the ability to comprehend your ways and understand where I am wrong. But through my expression, I can receive the greatest gift of love. The Deafened Ear and the Blind Eye. She listens but doesn't truly hear the melody of my pain. She sees my broken state but doesn't care for the shattered glass. It is warming to know that I've found love. Having someone who lashes out at your very existence or your carefully chosen words that are meant to appease them brings about a bliss unknown to those who criticize it. To feel alone, to feel wrong, this is the power of Her love, Her strength. O so admirable. Mi ejecutor, where are you? Come home.

~Silver tongue~

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