Call me, Answer me.

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She wanted a call, He gave her an answer. She wanted time, He gave her attention. She wanted affection, He gave her love. She gave him dishonesty, He gave her nothing. She gave him anger, He gave her murder. She wanted everything, He gave it all, but now he felt, he needed a call.

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Chapter 1

I remember my ex from time to time, she drove me crazy and i still dont know why. I gave her my all and she took it all. Not even a 'thank you' or a 'hey, i love you', she just used me for her gain and left me in pain.

I remember when we met, it was a hot summers day, we were both at a cafe. At that time i was rich and wealthy, i kept myself groomed and presentable. Money changes people, it really does, it changed me and it changed her, the only thing is, it changed us for the worst.

I remember the first date i took her on, she ordered the fanciest of glasses and the most expensive wine. Keep in mind, all that money was mine. But its a first date so i let it slide. Unfortunately, my leniency would come back to hunt me. We exchanged numbers, at the time i had a well expensive phone, she gave me a kiss and i went back home.

That night, i felt i was the luckiest man alive. I saved her number and sent her a message. A second date, who knew, i might actually get laid. I couldnt miss this opportunity to find a lover, so i save my money, just for her.

I slept, tossing and turning, my face bright red, i couldnt stop thinking about her, i spent the night waiting for a message back, but yet, it never came. I thought she had lost interest, and i felt like i was a mess.
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