Call me, Answer me.

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Chapter 2

I woke up the next morning, my phone was ringing, it was her, i answerd and gave her a good morning. She told me she had read my message and wanted a second date, my heart pounded, being with her was my fate. I told her i was exsited and when would it be? She told me that she wanted to go to a place that cost alot of money.

I asked why, she said im wealthy. Its true, i was, but also naive. I told her i'd find a place, she said ok. i gave her some nice words and she gave nothing in exchange. We arranged the date and went our ways, i was at work, unfocused all day. My mates asked if i was ok, i told them about my date. They asked for a picture some of them might actually know her.

Beautiful long blonde hair and a smile that said she really did care. But she didnt, she really didnt. Ocean blue eyes and pearly perfect teeth. Skinny and healthy, peteate and neat, she was the girl in the magazine that every woman wanted to be.

They froze and looked at me.
"Do you know who she is?"
"Shes the girl down the street..?"
"Yea, but shes a liar and a cheat."
"Shes the one who diseves and takes money."
"Your her next prey. Stand her up on that second date."
"Shes coming for you mate, and when she leaves, you'll have nothing on your plate."
"Shes not worth your time, its just better to run and hide."
"But shes the love of my life."
"And she'll rob you of your last dime."

I didnt know whether to laugh or cry. They were right, but at that time, i loved her with my life. I wish i could slapped my past self, because loving her was the worst thing a man could do.
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