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A Collective of Poems

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A Collective of Poems

Why is it?

That you don't hear the screams?

But you feel their pain like a million weights on your chest?

Why is it?

That you cannot see reason?

Yet expect all others to do so?

Why is it?

That you always know

always hear

always see

but never understand?

Many upon Many upon Many never do understand.

Never try.

Are you one of the many?

or just one who finds it an impossible feat?

just one who cannot grasp the concept of another's pain yet see it so plainly?

Why is that?

Is it the pain of a hundred centuries stacked up high against you?

Or simply the ailment in your heart?


Do I find it impossible to see what you see?

When you only speak the truth?

The pain and glory of it all.

Why is that?

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