A Collective of Poems

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A Collective of Poems

Do you?

Do you understand?

The Importance

of you?

The canyons I would climb

The rivers I would swim?

the valleys I would cross?

the lengths I would go

For you?

My most loyal fan

My most heartfelt companion

Do you know?

That you are more than I can say?

Yet I still don't understand what you mean to me.

In what way you mean to me

I long for your company

For your warm smile

and infectious laughter


Your touch?

Do you know

that you are the first person I think of

When I laugh

Do You Know

that your friendship

is what has kept me sane?

as sane as we can be of course

But do you know?

that I cherish our every second

smile on every memory

Even one's that have dealt with tears

or anger

or confusion

Do you understand that


are the most important

the most crucial

the most memorable

Do you?

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