A Collective of Poems

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A Collective of Poems


The song used to be simple




never changing

always reliable

but suddenly

I find myself floating

along a new melody

one that changes under my feet

those I am used to counting on

also left unsteady

the new ones who I wish I could count on

I cannot

For once I am truly drifting without a lifeline

I hop from driftwood to driftwood

from note to note

where will I land next?

No soul could know

my only concern

would any soul want to?

Falling Backwards

Once again

I have fallen

in new territory

unfamiliar terrain

I do not know whether to go up

or walk backwards

so instead I stay

I wait

I think

I reflect

One step

two steps

three little words

then the very next day

taken aback

falling through quicksand

I might as well be stumbling through the dark

I might as well be falling backwards

into a well

But then he throws down a life rope

but why

because he needs the attention?

the validation?

something to ease his loneliness?

Or is he really just afraid

of what his past did to him

about what he did to his past

is he drowning too?

why won't he tell me?

I'm right here

He hides it so well

but I can see the fear in his words

and the pain in his eyes

but he refuses to take my hand

he refuses to look at my light

does he want to drown?

is he tired of pretending that he wants my help?

finding comfort in his demons instead

or does he refuse to hand me the burden?

I do not know

I can not guess

So I just wait.

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