A Collective of Poems

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A Collective of Poems



a cruel messenger

endlessly hopeful

endlessly disappointing

you can love




but true love only comes once

you have to catch it quick though

you can't expect it to stay forever before you grab hold of it

if you do catch it

you have to nurture it

feed it

cleanse it

keep it alive

keep it livid

if you fail to do this

even for a second

it may disappear

showing you why you shouldn't have believed in true love at all

because surely if it is true it will come back

that's what you've been told.

however, if you refuse to acknowledge your mistake

it may just stay gone for good

love cannot exist between one version of people

the love has to evolve with them

each one needs room to grow

surely they will grow together as long as they stay close enough

but there are always too many barriers

when you find true love

you can try and keep it

chances are you will get tired

and it will fall apart

but honestly

would your TRUE love let your love fall apart

would your TRUE love leave you at your worst

would your TRUE love ignore you?

abandon you?

even for a short amount of time?

when you find true love

if your true love does not make you feel love in its trueness

in its purity

then there is no TRUE love there

or maybe there is

no matter

find a TRUER love

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