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Just random poems that come to me.

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The words I can’t speak

I wanted to write something that would make an impact.
I wanted to write something that would be remembered. Something serious and relevant.

I just couldn’t find the words. Nothing that I wrote would touch on the many things going on in our communities. I want to be a part of change. But how do you compress decades of oppression and hate into a few paragraphs.

Then I realized what I could do. I could tell my stories, and raised the voices of so many others around me, who might not be braze enough to do so themselves. So that’s what I am going to do.

I am Alonni, a beautiful, strong, black bisexual women. I am creative, and artistic. I walk through life with my heart on my sleeve. I have been called racial, and homophobic slurs. I have been threatened solely on the basis of the color of my skin and who I love. I have lost friends because I chose to stand up for what I believe in.

In light of this I have decided to take charge of my life, I am doing that by standing up and fighting for the rights I deserve. I ask everyone here to do the same, love freely. Uplift others, but most importantly never change.
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