23 Days Of September

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At a young age I took shelter in writing poems and bringing stories from my imaginations into life.It was my way of escaping my troubles,sharing my pain with the world and it always will be. 23Days Of September is a poem book containing sixteen of some of my most personal works during some of the darkest times in my life. This might not be the work of a pro but it captures my heart and bears my souls. -divaHerself🌻

Poetry / Mystery
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Survival Syndrome

Eyes Wide Open
Eyes Shut Close
The Battle
Is Within My Soul
That Much I Know
Sleep Deprived
Fighting To Stay Alive
It's All I Have Ever Known
As I Come And Go

Running Away From These Skeletons
Looming Over My Head
I Still Leave In My Past
It Scaring Me Awake
Daring Me To Get Out.Fast.

Siting On The Rafts
Might See Through My Cracks
And Display The Monsters
That Lie Deep Within
The Strive Is Getting To Me
The Lies Pulling Me In
Restricting My Mind
Crashing My Fight
Making Wrong Feel Right
How Do I Fix It
When Going Back Was Never An Option

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