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She Breached It

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What is a safe place?

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She Breached My Safe Place

She breached it.

Picture a bubble that surrounds a precious orb. This orb needs this bubble to keep dark thoughts and dark enemies at bay. Without this bubble, the orb is vulnerable. The orb has always fought for this bubble its whole existence. This bubble just seemed so far away. The orb waited many years to have this godly protection around itself, yet, it never seem to come. However, the orb saw light, it saw its bubble, its safe place, its safe haven. To the orb, the bubble is its area where that one cannot reach, where that one cannot harm it, even touch it. However, this bubble has been punctured and rebuilt many times after the orb obtained it. How could this be possible? The orb has waited many years to be free from its aggressor. Once the orb received its protecter, it seemed that the bubble kept getting breached and/or destroyed. How did this make the orb feel? The orb felt vulnerable. The orb saw visions of their past life, harbored with its abuser, with its attacker, with its aggressor. And why did no one see the hurt the orb is going through? Do they not understand? Or do they simply not care? Even though the orb screamed out many times for help, the bubble kept getting destroyed. Once again, the bubble was built, and was protecting the orb. As the bubble dreamt in its nightmares, it was breached by her, once again. Now, where does this leave this small orb? It's now defenseless. The orb is now right back to square one. It is now screaming out loudly for another bubble. However, this bubble may not come, and this will cause the orb to no longer exist.

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