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This is a poem I wrote about woman who are always feeling insecure about their skin, bodies or appearance and I hope you can call see you are beautiful and perfect the way you are dont change for anyone This is my first poem on this app please enjoy and give me feedback

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I see girls with tiny waists,
Tiny legs and a tiny face.
She's got curves in all the right places
Her chest,her hips and her lips.
Her eyes are big and brown like chocolate,
Her skin is soft and tan like caramel.
Her smile is warm and sends a message of a million words without even speaking...she has all eyes on her.
Even if she doesn't notice,the boys and girls give her glances and whisper praises and blessings. But what they don't see are her insecurities
Every night before she sleeps she showers and looks at her body...
She looks at her hips and tummy,her arms and thighs. She growls in disgust seeing with her own eyes she screams in anger cursing herself wishing she looked like the model girls,she Tapes her thighs
So they fit her blue jeans or wears a skirt just above her knees.
She wears bigger shirts to cover her tummy.
She cries herself to sleep at night wondering why she can't shine so's just her insecurities.

She's bigger and rounder and has lots to share but no one even gives her a stare no they don't even dare. She already sees her insecurities,her face is round and her stomachs larger it spills over her jeans....her dips are as they seem,H
er thighs take over all the seams and she even cries herself to sleep. Her skin is dark like the night sky her eyes are black like tar
Everyone may see a bigger woman but she knows....she knows who she is inside, Because you may see a bigger woman and
She may be larger than other girls and fill different clothes....
But it hasn't stopped her from loving herself at all.
So she may be bigger but there's more to love,she knows what you want and can take care of your needs
There's no reason to be ashamed or scared so why....why is there hatred out doesn't matter,it's just our insecurities.

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