A Dragon’s Bloom

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Summer Snow

That sleep that grips like a vice
Like drowning but still looking for a light
But looking with eyes that won’t open.
The water wins the fight.

The first thing I see is the snow outside.
Then the people. My memories are murky
And cracked. Shimmering strangers with familiar faces.
The water stills, then leaps.

I’m losing my balance. I want to go outside. No I don’t. Yes I do.
I’ll freeze. I can just come back inside.
That’s not what I meant. But my hand twitches.
The water shivers in delight.

I fumble clumsily with the cool metal key
Too startling against my skin. I shouldn’t be this hot.
It clicks. Yes I should.
The water melts the snow.

I find light and I’m where I just was.
Just a push away from walking blissfully and
Endlessly in the sweltering heat of the summer night
The water falls.

July 2017


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