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By J. F. David All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Poetry

Chapter 1

You can choose. Forget about the incident and move on, still having friends whom you don’t trust anymore, or you can become a loner, with nobody to rely on, only because you couldn’t pretend that nothing happened for your friend’s sake. If you can only get out of this mess by making a bad decision, what would you do?
Man, I wouldn’t like being you. Do you always get in trouble because of your shitty personality? But you’ve always survived, letting go is no big deal for you, it only hurts at the beginning, and after it you hate humanity a little more, every time you become a bit more antisocial. Where does this lead to? You can guess. You could change, but you feel okay with being a not-so-good person, you want people to accept that, you want them to just ignore your bad traits, you just want to have fun, living your life. It’s not too much to ask, right?
This is how it always begins. With a small unsatisfaction, being a little upset, not understanding others. But where does it escalate? One day you’ll wake up and mass murder everyone at work? You’ll go outside in your pajamas and choke whoever is the first to come by? Is it worth it?
All of this, because your overdeveloped righteousness bugs you all the time.
People aren’t perfect, you neither. You have just as many bad habits and stupidity as everyone else, you just like to forget about that. Yes, you may be better than others in some ways, you’re smart, intelligent, you even have some talent maybe. But you’re emotionally underdeveloped, take things too seriously and just overall, not really mentally healthy.
So just give it a break, don’t be bothered about small things and just make the best of what you’ve got.
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