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how do I forget

how did you forget

how can I forget

your eyes

when you told me

I cried

You cried

I pushed

You pulled

I fell

I cried

I ran

You stayed

How do I forget

The dates

Our anniversary

Your mothers birthday

New years

53rd street

With the rain

and the kiss

and the flowers

And you

half naked,


lips blue,

face red

Repeating I love you

Over and over again

And me

Eyes swollen

, nose running

, numb fingers

Unbelieving of your existence just yet

How do I forget?

The freckles on your back


The wrinkles above your forehead


And your grey hairs


How do I foget

How did you forget

Was it the drinking?

The drugs?

The sex?

How did you

How could you

How dare you


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