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A Love Story

A love story

He hurt her

Not with his fists

But with his eyes

With his crooked nose and the scar above his left eyebrow

With his large all consuming hands and wide back

With every touch

Every kiss

Every word

He hurt her

And she hurt

Her soul ached.

Her empty,



Her fingers trembled, the ones his lips touched every night

Her eyes grew dark, leaving shadows in their wake




She loved

And lost

And died


And he

He went on

His legs just as strong

His chest heaving His arms swinging

He went.

Her scent a brief incantation

Her touch a foreign sensation

Her face a distant memory

their love forgotten

he went

and with every step

he lost her more

her name

her scent

her touch

her face

her place in that ever-growing space

he went

and she stayed

she lay

ever so silent

ever so still

her eyes sinking

her new friends eating

and eating

and eating

hallow once more

being and body




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