Eternal rest

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A short poem like story about how sadly her life came to an end, please read and give feedback

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Abby Foster
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Eternal Rest


Is this how it ends, I thought you cared for me, I thought you loved me. Why do I deserve to feel this pain, why do I deserve to be broken, to be hurt mentally and physically after everything I've done, after everything I've done for you. Why do I deserve to be empty and alone with no one to depend on and trust but myself. I thought you of all people would have known my struggles after I opened up my heart and soul to you, sharing all of my secrets thinking you were someone I could trust, I told you everything. I thought you would have guided me through it, through my problems, my struggles, my flaws and make me believe that I have a reason to be in this world, to have a purpose and to help me see that I too am a human who deseves to be loved. Why was I such a person to believe your deceiving words, to fall for your tricks. I should have known, i should have known that this was all apart of your sick, twisted GAMES.

You knew how I felt, you knew I would've done everything for you, because you knew I loved you, you knew I cared and treasured you but you discarded me like a piece of garbage, like I was nothing. You didn't hesitate to unleash your hateful words upon me striking at all my insecurities and your abusive hands upon my body that is now covered in scars caused by you and by my own hands. I thought you were different but that's what you wanted me to believe. Why me.

Are you satisfied now, are you happy to see me broken and in pain and to see that you've crushed everything inside of me, well congratulations you have done it.Now I don't belive in love, I belive I don't deserved to be happy,I was to be broken, I was meant to be this way, it was all Fate.

All I want to say is thank you, you've given me the courage to end this once and for all. Yes this world will be better off without me because I'm all the horrible things you've called me. I'm a piece of garbage taking up space but now I'm in a better place. A place where I can rest and lay for eternity, where no one will bother me, where I can be happy, at peace and contribute to the earth by offering my body as fertilisers for the beautiful luscious trees and plants to grow and flourish.

Yes now that's an ending where I feel I have been useful to everyone even though they ignored me,bullied me and abused me, I feel peaceful in my ETERNAL REST.
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