Treasure By Pleasure (Erotic Poetry)

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Collective erotic poems I wrote.

Poetry / Erotica
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Those Long Days

After those long days

I kicked my heels off and greeted with a "Welcome home."

I felt a kiss upon my lips. I wanted more

I wanted to taste sweet smell of Cinnamon Chai Latte upon his lips as I placed the food down on the counter.

He picked me up placed me on the island

Ripped my shirt open as buttons fell on the ground

Like a Ravenous Beast

Both ready to devour each other

Hands caressing upon warm bodies

Eyes rolling back as groans echo throughout the room

The banging on the walls and cops that were called

Neither wanted to escape this heavenly sexual escapade.

Sweat rolled from one body onto another as they panted on the shower floor

Hair damp, aching bodies.

All of this awaited her after A Long Day.

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