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Yuby - Reminders (Official Poem)

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An Original Poem by Yuby

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When It Rains I Remember My Childhood As I Lay On My Couch And Sleep Through The Raging Thunderstorm Echoing Through My Eardrums

When It Snows I Remember The Sounds Of The Crackling Fire Place, The Coziness Of My Mother's Cardigan And The Rising Smoke That Steams From My Hot Cup Of Tea As I Walk Through The Living Room

When You Smile It Gives Me A Sense Of Safety Like When You're A Kid And You Crawl Into Your Parents Bed To Escape The Nightmares And Feel Like Everything's All Right

When I'm Sober It Reminds Me Of That One Fateful Night When You Told Me You Had Enough And That This Was The Final Goodbye

Your Favorite Song Is 'Not Good At Goodbyes' by Sam Smith Yet It Seemed Pretty Easy For You That Night When You Told Me
It Kind Of Makes Sense Since Contradictions Were Revealed Through Your Actions From All The Lies You Sold Me

I've Always Wanted My Dreams To Become A Reality But The Reality Is That The Nightmares Seized
I've Lost All Hope In This World Would Do Anything To Have Something To Believe In

I Sit Here Patiently Waiting For The Clouds To Fast Forward And The Skies To Clear
When The Night Is Full Of Sleep And Empty Of Fear

When I Say "I'm Okay" And I Actually Mean It
And When The Demons Need Permission Slips And They Can't Freely Creep In

And When I Become Good At It Like You And Say My Final Goodbyes To My Sorrows
And When Everything Around Me Aren't Reminders Of The Painful Past But Instead Of The Hopeful Tomorrow
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