Soldiers and poppies

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A poem based on remembering the horrifics of both world wars and the vast impact it had .

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Soldiers and poppies

Shells,guns,tanks and grenades,
a war full of dangerous raids.
Stretchers carried to and fro,
as the sun finally falls low.
They said it would last until Christmas,
but right now , this isn't blissmas.
This is war, right here, right now.

A mud crusted whistle would blow,
and over the trenches to death we go.
Steady paced, straight line walking,
you'll now hardly hear any talking.
Men, like skittles, falling dead,
the grounds a bloody mess of red.
This is war, right here, right now.

The sound of the merciless guns,
the thud of falling fathers, friends and sons.
That smell of the rancid smoke,
like an omen of whats to be broke.
The sky's a mess of greys and black,
those traumatised sleeping officers yelling "attack!".
This is war, right here, right now.

So many battles, so many fights,
Poor old England's gonna be missing some bites .
That old woody birch, branches pulled tight,
people wanting vanished love to come into sight.
Towns, villages, homes and pubs,
Left a wreck of scavenge and stub.
Those men gave up everything ,
For us to keep anything.
That was war , right there, right then.

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