Time To Heal

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Mom and child

Today I went for a walk to the lake.

A little time I knew it would take.

I suddenly heard a baby crying.

To calm her down her mom was trying.

Her mom looked so tired and withdrawn.

She sits on a bench as she gives a yawn.

I could feel a tug in my heart.

I'll give a hand but where do I start.

I went to the kiosk for a cup of tea.

It was for the mom but not for me.

I gave her the cup and told her my name.

She accepted the tea and did the same.

I talked to the baby and she started to smile.

I decided to sit for a little while.

I offered the mom to join in a walk.

That is when we started to talk.

Becoming a mom was something new.

I told her she'd learn as the baby grew.

I said don't worry about what's to come.

You'll be fantastic as a brand new mom.

I brought the child to look at the swan.

The withdrawn look of the mom was gone.

She thanked me for showing I cared.

Your ability to help is easily shared.

This really brightens up my day.

With a goodbye, they were on their way.

The mom felt better with her smile I could tell.

This really caused my heart to swell.

What I learned today from the outside.

There's also a beauty with the human side.

If you ever see someone in distress.

Help them out and make their troubles less.

To help out others won't cost you a dime.

So please give up some of your time.

The beauty I captured from the outside.

Was not from the flowers but from a mother and child.

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