Time To Heal

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Don't Give Up

As I lay awake in bed last night.

I felt like giving up the fight.

There are many hurdles put in my way.

It's becoming difficult for me to stay.

Some days the pain is too much to take.

Another smile I have to fake.

The memories I tried to push away.

They were being stubborn and decided to stay.

I didn't want to lie and weep.

But it was a night I couldn't sleep.

To give my mind a little ease.

I had to find a way to banish these.

I stepped out into the cool darkened night.

The moon above was shining bright.

I wasn't in the mood to talk.

So decided on a little walk.

The streets were empty nobody was near.

I didn't feel anything for me to fear.

Although it was dark and difficult to see.

I knew that the moonlight would help guide me.

I walked around until almost three.

Then went home for a cup of tea.

As I gazed into the empty cup.

I heard a whisper, Don't give up.

You're not the only one to suffer.

There's a lot of people who've had it tougher.

When you think about what you went through.

Remember others have had it worse than you.

To have a good life you have that choice.

You only have to use your voice.

No matter what life throws at you.

Don't give up, you will make it through.

If you feel like giving up the fight.

Remember at the end of the tunnel is light.

You'll receive the winning cup.

So keep on fighting and don't give up.

When you're tired and feeling blue.

Remember others are suffering too.

Life isn't easy I know that's true.

To make it better is up to you.

Share the love within your heart.

That would be a very good start.

Don't give up, keep up the fight.

The darkness will end and you'll see the light.

I grew a smile that wasn't fake.

That winning cup I will take.

My mood I know will soon pick up.

Tonight was just a small hiccup.

I know I'll have a better day.

I won't give up, I'm here to stay.

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