Time To Heal

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My Future Bright

As I walk along the golden sand

The future I hold within my hands

With happy thoughts that are here to last

Bad memories now are in the past

My mind is now free from fear

I no longer sit and shed my tears

With a little strength and the will to fight

My future now is looking bright

Throughout my journey, I was not alone

I had help from friends far from home

The love and support, they made me feel

It gave me the strength to help me heal

My broken soul is now on the mend

It's all with the help from my good friends

A future once I could not see

But I had my friends believe in me

It was their help that made me fight

Now my future is looking bright

I owe my life to you, my friends

For being by my side and helping me mend

I will forever carry you within my heart

It's not the end but a brand new start

My days are now calm and light

My future sure is looking bright

Throughout my journey, I hope you stay

Until we reach the top someday

Although you may be out of sight

With you my friends my future is bright

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