Time To Heal

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The Right Path

My thoughts are suffocating, I cannot breathe

My racing heart, it will not ease

I claw my arms until I bleed

A shoulder to cry on is what I need

I'm starting to feel, a little dizzy

I won't call anyone, they could be busy

I try to think about something nice

Instead, bad thoughts are multiplied twice

I feel like I'm drowning in the waters deep

This dreadful life I don't want to keep

I walk the path to the bridge so high

I climb the top and to the bottom I'll fly

I spread my arms and close my eyes

There is no time to say my goodbyes

Familiar faces are what I see

They're of some people very dear to me

My eyes fly open with such a fright

I start to wobble but I hold on tight

What was I thinking this would achieve

I wouldn't want anyone to sit and grieve

I'm not to blame for my dysfunctional mind

My demons were placed by the humankind

It's not my time to say goodbye

To fight my demons is what I'll try

I come across a four-way path

The one I take, decides the future I have

It's a few weeks later and I'm going strong

That's how I know the other paths were wrong

The demons I've carried, I'm now letting go

My anxiety and fear, they no longer show

A brighter future is what I'm going to have

It's all because I chose the right path

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