Time To Heal

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The grassy hill

Today my walk took a different turn.

The heat of the sun was hot enough to burn.

I walked for a while and then sat on a hill.

It was like the world was at a standstill.

The noise of the world started to cease.

I closed my eyes and embraced the peace.

Beautiful sunflowers were standing tall.

Climbing Ivy creeping up the wall.

The birds in the trees began to sing.

Their calming chirping is a beautiful thing.

I could smell the flowers that lay in their beds.

I could see the Swans ducking their heads.

When I'm outside, content is what I feel.

It's part of the plan to help me heal.

The beautiful nature I've grown to love.

Created by those from up above.

The day will turn into nighttime soon.

That's when I'll greet the shining moon.

When I feel I need the world to stand still.

I'll return once more to the grassy hill.

I go outside to clear my mind.

The grassy hill was a wonderful find.

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