Time To Heal

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Fear is something that a lot of us face.

Fear is something that will make your heart race.

Fear is something that can rule your life.

Fear can cause pain just like a sharp knife.

Fear can make you isolated from the rest of the world.

Fear can make you feel like a caged up bird.

Fear can be paralyzing when it takes control.

Fear can halt your breathing if it takes hold.

Fear has you thinking that you're going to fail.

Fear has you observing everything in great detail.

Fear has you feeling like you cannot trust.

Fear starts to gather like a cloud of dust.

Fear is something that makes us shed a tear.

Fear is something we can make disappear.

Fear is something that stops us from being strong.

Fear is something that we can face head-on.

Fear is something that we shouldn't let stay.

Fear is something you'll be free from someday.

Fear isn't something as strong as you.

Fear is weak and that is true.

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