Time To Heal

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It's once again that time of year.
When the Autumn season is now here.

The wind will whistle a little bit more.
You'll feel it colder than before.

Earlier each day the sun says goodbye.
The moon and stars light up the sky.

Early in the morning when out for a jog.
You'll have the company of the morning fog.

The leaves you see, no longer green.
They're beautiful colours that must be seen.

Tumbling from their branches losing their hold.
Creating a carpet of red, brown and gold.

The warmth of the sun you will miss.
Your face no longer receives her kiss.

The flowers begin to wither away.
They will be reborn on a bright spring day.

Mountains are hiding in a blanket of clouds.
The birds no longer singing aloud.

Don't let this dampen your happy side.
It's still as beautiful as ever when you go outside.

When it's dark outside and you're feeling gloom.
You'll have the company of the falling leaves moon.

Autumn is also a beautiful season.
We see the colours change and that is pleasing.

The Autumn season brings with it Halloween.
When homes are decorated with a scary theme.

Jack-o-lanterns displayed in the street.
Guiding the kids as they trick or treat.

Dressed as witches and vampires too.
So join in the fun and don't feel blue.

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