Time To Heal

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You're Not Alone

If it feels like times that you're on your own.
Remember I'm here and you're not alone.

Don't sit and worry or shed a tear.
Reach out to me, I'll always be here.

Life can be tough and sometimes unfair,
Reach out to me and your problems we'll share.

Don't hide the pain within your heart,
Reaching out to me would be a good start.

To carry this heartache and pain alone.
Is something you should never do on your own.

I'm not saying these words to have something to gain,
I'm reaching out because I have lived with much pain.

A life of loneliness It doesn't have to be,
I know because that life has been me.

Your troubles may be difficult to share,
Please trust in me, I truly do care.

Days can be dark and lonely too,
Don't let that happen, I'm here for you.

When life is tough and you're on your own,
Remember these words, YOU'RE NOT ALONE.

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