Time To Heal

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Little Gems

From around the world, I've made a few friends.
Supporting comments is what they send.

I feel so honoured to be friends with them.
They're what I call my little gems.

Their encouraging words warm my heart.
It's been like that, right from the start.

A girl I admire, about nature you'll learn.
She's a wonderful girl known as Bookworm.

Her constant praise makes my heart glow.
A loving person is what she'll show

Another girl with posts full of love.
She's like an Angel sent from above.

Her name is Annora, young and sweet.
She calls me a hero, not true but hearing it is a treat.

Now that brings me to another gentle soul.
Creating comics I assume is his goal.

He seems to be a chirpy sort of chap.
His support for others never stops.

A heart of gold and an aura of strength.
The ability to help others at any length.

I'll tell you his name as a little favour.
I won't do it now, Remindmelater.

If you get to know them you too will love them.
They truly are amazing little gems.
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