Time To Heal

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A Special Friend

I read a story right to the end.

To my surprise, it brought me a friend.

To read the story was just the start.

Becoming his friend was the greatest part.

A Haunted Chapel is a fantastic read.

The author who wrote it, a friend indeed.

He helps me through my darkest hour.

Even though he lives so far.

On my darkest days when I can't cope.

He writes to me and gives me hope.

The words of wisdom he writes to me.

A perfect gentleman is what I see.

He makes me smile when I feel down.

Although today he made me frown.

He said that my nose it does grow.

I told him I'm not Pinocchio.

The pictures that he likes to share.

It shows me that he really cares.

He supports me through as I try to write.

He's in my heart but out of sight.

I didn't think that reading a story through.

Would bring me a friend as awesome as you.

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