Time To Heal

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Helping Me Heal

I've made some friends while on this site.

They're keeping me strong and helping me fight.

Now there are two friends I'll have to say.

They make me laugh out loud some days.

When I feel down, I'll log in for a while.

I know my friends will make me smile.

We may be all miles apart.

I'll forever carry you within my heart.

For me to say this I have no shame.

I love you all the very same.

If you saw the smile that you all bring.

It would make the angels want to sing.

My name was written in a book.

With Bradley Cooper, I was hooked.

There is one thing I will not hide.

It mentions me with a naughty side 😳

I have to say it's no big deal.

My friends are helping me to heal.

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