Time To Heal

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A Little Advice

When panic hits and you cannot breathe.

Just take deep breaths and it will leave.

In through the nose and out through the mouth.

Is the best way without a doubt.

Don't get scared it will not last.

Try to relax and let it pass.

If it causes tightness within your chest.

Lay your head down and take a rest.

If your mind is a cloud of fog.

Then take a walk or even a jog.

Do not stress if it takes a while.

It may not clear with just a mile.

When you hear birds sing in the trees.

It will let you know that your mind has eased.

If nothing works and hopes start to sag.

Just start to blow into a paper bag.

If it's late for a walk, and your night a gloom.

Sit outside and talk to the moon.

This one I find the most beautiful thing.

It will ease your mind and make your heart sing.

If things start to help but your heart still stings.

Then close your eyes and think of wonderful things.

Although I'm no expert or try to be.

These are the things I find that help me.

The points that are given there's quite a variety.

If you try them out they'll help with your anxiety.

I know this condition and it isn't nice.

That's why I'm giving A Little Advice.

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