Time To Heal

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The Beauty Outside

I take a deep breath and step outside.

No longer do I want to hide.

I look around and the beauty I see.

Almost knocks the breath from me.

The beautiful flowers with a buzzing bee.

I can feel the smile growing on me.

A little bird flies from the nest.

His wings he found and wants to test.

He makes his way to the clear blue sky.

I think he's happy because he can fly.

He glides along with his wings spread wide.

A miracle I've witnessed from the outside.

He hovers around as he flaps his wings.

Feeling free he starts to sing.

The most beautiful sound I ever did hear.

It causes me to shed a tear.

Now I'm not sad and don't feel gloom.

It's a happy tear as my heart starts to bloom.

The little bird flies up past the sun.

He's certainly having a lot of fun.

He comes crashing down onto the ground.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard the sound.

He must be hurt and I go to see.

I laugh out loud, he was fooling me.

He jumped on my hand with a little leap.

This beautiful bird I want to keep.

That would be very selfish of me.

It's now his time to be flying free.

He spreads his wings and says goodbye to me.

The little bird is finally free.

Content and happiness are what I feel.

My heart and soul are starting to heal.

From what I've experienced I'll no longer hide.

I have captured the beauty of the outside.

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