Time To Heal

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I Am Me

There are some days I hideaway.

Worrying about what I might say.

My age some days I do not know.

To others, it will possibly show.

On the days that I choose to hide.

Is when I'm showing my happy side.

Those days I show hyperactivity.

I mean no harm, it is still me.

I won't say hewo or otay.

I won't ask you to come out and play.

That part of me it will not show.

Then again I never know.

My true friends will not depart.

Even when I'm young at heart.

A friend told me not to feel shame.

It's not my fault, I'm not to blame.

There are sides of me you have not seen.

Please don't be alarmed, I would never be mean.

That's because I always care.

It's only love I want to share.

Sharing this has stirred up my nerves.

To know all of me I think you deserve.

I'm tired of hiding and want to be free.

Please don't think of me differently.


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