Time To Heal

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Today I was feeling a little bit sad.

To lift my spirits a plan I had.

I don't want to stay home feeling gloom.

Or lock me away in my room.

It was a beautiful Summers day.

So for a long walk, I was on my way.

My mask of disguise I no longer wear.

The true smile on my face I want to share.

The beauty outside that I have missed.

With the sun rays, my face is kissed.

I watch the Swans swim in the lake.

A beautiful picture I must take.

For the calmness to last, I was wishing.

As I watched the boats where men were fishing.

To heal your broken heart and soul.

Set yourself a daily goal.

Don't sit alone feeling down.

Go outside and remove that frown.

When you're taking in the beautiful sight.

You'll notice that you're smile is bright.

You'll know that you are starting to heal.

When the sadness and pain you no longer feel.

Sometimes you'll need a little shove.

To go outside and share your love.

When you finally see it through.

You'll know it's the best thing for you to do.

If you see a beautiful Dove.

It will remind you to share your love.

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