Time To Heal

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The future is in your hands

The past is in your head, the future in your hands.

So chase disturbing memories and be as happy as you can.

Don't let others control your life, fight to be the real you.

Trust in what your heart is saying because it is always true.

Don't let pain become too much that you find hard to bare.

Turn to friends and with their support that burden you can share.

If your heart and soul are broken those friends will show they care.

With all the love they give to you, it will soon start to repair.

If you're feeling dead inside but brighten up others lives.

That shows that you're not a weak person but a fighter who survived.

When you're sad but still spread joy and love.

It shows the strength and courage you're receiving from above.

So just remember how your future is in your hands.

Never feel that you can't do it because you're strong and I believe you can.

No matter what hardship you face in life is nowhere near as strong as you.

To continue with all the strength you have and you will see it through.

If you ever feel that you can't, keep telling yourself that you can.

Everything is in the past but your future is in your hands.

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