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A Young Love

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my troubles with high school boys

Poetry / Romance
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A Boy

We have not said

I love you yet

But I don’t know when

I should say it

Because my mind is a wreck

That I crawl through

Every second of every day


My emotions are a hurricane

And you’re at the center

You spin me in circles

And I am lost

Yet there are those moments

When you say something

And I am filled with joy

I giggle and blush

Because you’ve touched me

You say I miss you

And I believe you

But I am filled with doubt

When you are absent for too long

I want to be your everything

But your actions

Fill me with conflictions

Maybe it’s me

Not skilled in the art

Of real love

Only versed in midnight lies

And hands between thighs

And the shadows that haunt me

How long can I hold on

I don’t know

But my stubborn heart

Won’t let go of you

And your smile

Your voice

Your laugh


I don’t understand

What goes on inside your

Broken mind

But I want to so please

Let me in so I can help

Ease your pain and you can ease mine

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