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This is a collection of short stories that are written as a comfort. For me to write about the feelings you are experiencing is an essential part of life. These melancholy stories are about life and moments in time.

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Goodbye My Forever Child

Today I’m old. I’ve lived a full life with a beginning and an end. But not you. You look precisely like the first time I met you, a young child with the most beautiful piercing green eyes that lit up the world like the stars at night and with your heavenly blonde almost white hair that looks like it belonged to an angel. You don’t age. You stay forever like the beautiful you that I know. Your skin still as soft, your voice still as fragile, your heart still full of passion. Although no matter how much I admire you I still do feel sad for you. I’m saddened that you are forever while everyone else are momentarily. Everyone else are fleeting moments that pass you by. Everyone else will eventually age and die around you. You are the eldest of all humans however you’re still a child. Your emotions and reactions are utterly like a little one. A child with no finit life. You’ll never reach adulthood and the good, as well as the bad, that comes with it.

Today I’m taking my final breath with you sitting at my side. I wish to know what number I am, how many people there have been before me? How many people you have sat by while they take their final breath? I really am curious. You living is alien to me although I’ve known you my entire life. I feel like I’m the dog to your human. Since to a human a dog is only with them for a short part of their life while to a dog their human is the dogs entire world. I heard a poem one time that was written from a dogs perspective: “Now I’m old, the fur around my body is grey and my joints ache when we walk. But she remains unchanged, her heir still glossy, her skin still fresh. Time doesn’t touch her and yet I love her still” This describes my feelings towards you and I hope you understand. I’m truly grateful to have been a part of your eternal life. To have been a part of something so extraordinary. Now don’t you worry I’m not scared of dying. The only thing I’m scared of is leaving you. I don’t want to put you through another heartbreak, another death. I wish I could be with you forever. Dreadfully I have to leave you today, I have to leave you to the world again. You have to find a new family, someone that can make you happy again, promise me that. My last wish is for you to be happy. Don’t cry, I love you.

Goodbye my forever child.

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