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Poetry for the Heart

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Hey Stranger

I remember you, stranger
The one who kept my head above water
But the only problem is,
You don't exist
Only in my dreams
And never in my reality
Hey stranger,
I remember you,
The one who fought for me,
The one who dried my tears,
And the one who chased my demons away
But you are not my reality
Hey stranger,
I only see you in my dreams
In my reality,
It's so very lonely without you
Hey stranger,
I need you in my reality
I turn around as you fade from view,
Then you are long gone, taking my heart with you
Cruel reality tortures me
Then when my eyes close, you return
I feel true bliss with you
In my dreams I am with you
Hey stranger, I remember you,
If only you were reality, my life wouldn't be so dull
This life is very dull,
Here without you,
Is like a year without rain
Hey stranger,
I see your back,
With me in my dreams
This time please don't leave,
Make me stay here forever with you
My reality is nothing without you
These tears I cry are for you
I wake in my dream world,
And there you are
Are you a curse or a gift?
If you are a gift,
Why do you torment me,
As you fade from sight as I wake?
Please don't leave,
My life is meaningless without you
Are you here in my reality?
Hey stranger,
What are you doing here?
Tormenting me I see,
I wake and wish to sleep again,
To feel your love and be held in your arms
Please stranger, don't leave,
For a reality without you is truly without meaning.
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