The Tales of A Broken Soul

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A pearl among many you shone brighter,
Always one for attention.
Your glimmer was alluring
Yet it blinded those who dared to glimpse it.
You were a star among pebbles
And all worshipped your shine.

"Define beautiful."
All eyes float to you.
"Describe art."
You are the first thought.
"The epitome of good."
No one disagrees

You were everything good.

But when night fell your good turned evil.
Light became dark
And innocence was destroyed by
The claws of guilt.

Hatred was your life source
And anger your drug.
Pain an aphrodisiac you couldn't -
Wouldn't - let go of.
You became a nightmare.

All assumed they knew you.
The ray of sunshine,
The light to their dark,
The joy to their sadness.
But they didn't know
You were the hand
Dragging them deeper,
Further from reality.
From peace and safety.

You were the madness they feared.

A wolf in sheep's clothing
Is nothing compared to you.
For you are a Kraken
In the façade of a goldfish.

So simple-looking
So quiet
So peaceful
So clueless.

You were

A complex creature
One that reveled in the tormented
Screams of others
One that was thirsty for blood
One whose mind reeled
With images of death and destruction
Across the face of the Earth.

Then the sun would shine
Gloriously upon the dew-kissed ground.
And you would convert back into the
The one everyone knew.
The one everyone cared for.
The one everyone called 'friend'.

The one no one knew was
A creature lurking in the dark.
Preying on the strong and weak
For none could deny the fact
They all feared you.
Yet they envied your power.
They wished you gone
So they could take your place.
They wanted nothing to do with
But wanted everything to do with
Your soul.

They were jealously afraid.
Sadly envious.
Angrily depressed.
And grievously furious.

They wanted to be you
But didn't want your baggage.
They were a conundrum
Of a useless and somewhat
Lethal mix of emotions.
Conflicted yet clear on their goal.
Indecisive but sure of their desire.
You were the one thing that lit them
On fire.

And you were the one thing
That burned them to ash.
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