The Tales of A Broken Soul

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Look at me!
I said look at me
Are you happy?
Is your heart leaping?
Is your soul singing?
Does your body resonate
With the tremor of joy?

You should be happy.
After all...
You did this to me.
You took me in
And destroyed me.
You snatched the light
From my life.
You snuffed it out
With your stale breath.
The same breath that
Choked my lungs.
That poisoned my mind
As it carried sweet -
So sweet -
Utterances from your
Forked tongue.

I was a fool.
I am a fool.
And a fool
I shall remain.

Look at me!
Look at me I say!
Are you glad to see me
Lying in the remnants -
The leftovers and tidbits -
Of the person you found me?
Wallowing in my ocean
Of regret and self-loathing?
Ready to drown and be
Abandoned by the breath
Of shame?

But I believe you're happy.
After all, my demise
Was your rise.
My death your birth
And my fall your climb.
Climb to what I don't know.
And I never will.


Oh, that's simple.

Because you...

The one I loved...

The one I gave my heart
My soul
My life to...

Oh yes.. You...




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