The Tales of A Broken Soul

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Kill Me Slowly

Kill me slowly.
I wanna die now.
Not at this moment
But sometime from this hour

Kill me slowly.
I know you wanna do it.
C'mon, just take the knife!
It'll only hurt a bit.

Please kill me slowly?
I'm not begging to live longer.
I'm begging to die slower;
It's a rush that I'd savour.

For goodness' sake kill me slowly!
Don't act as if you don't want to
I know you've been dying to it.
Wait.. That's a pun. Oops.

I know I sound a little desperate
But could you kindly kill me slowly?
There. I finally said it.
Now are you happy?

Ya know what?
I'll kill myself slowly.
You don't seem serious,
Despite the opportunity

I've told you everything I know
With all sincerity
And yet you refuse?
You suck, ya big ninny.

"Kill me slowly!"
Did I say that out loud?
Wasn't it a reality?
The scene I dreamed about?

OK, fine. I'll leave it there.
You don't have to kill me slowly.
It'll be done another day.
Goodnight, I feel sleepy.
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