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The Night Grows Cold.-By PsychoLife

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Poem for the few who like a story of sacrifice.

Poetry / Action
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Chapter 1

The night grows cold
The enemies, have they been told?
Maybe they will freeze before the day has begun
But then up comes that rising sun
Off to war many comrades are.
Some still wish for peace on the brightest star
I wish we could stop this life of war
But I will stand tall to honor those who fell before.

The night grows cold.
The enemies have been told.
Our location is now known
Our plans, the enemies have been shown
Some surrender and walk towards death
But me and my pack fight with our last breath
My rifle aimed at the general
Ready to shoot that small mineral
The fire in my heart burns bright
The return home will be quite the sight
I will fight to see my loved ones
But then, my ears heard, the blasting of guns

Then that bullet, shot at me, it did pierce
But I stood up again with a face so fierce.
And I shot the general
He was killed by that small mineral.
My brothers and sisters stood by my side
We no longer willing to hide
Then from our volleys
Many enemies realized their follies
Without their leader they scattered like birds
They screamed so many unholy words
They shot back but to no avail
Then we leave the island our ship at full sail
But for me my night grows cold.
I am dying, I have been told
The bullet that did pierce
Had also left a hole so fierce.
I looked upon my brothers and sisters of war
Then the sun rose and I started to soar
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