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summer trees

Vivid green leaves grow outside

The window

Wasting and spreading

Lovely youth of nature

Branded jealously

As forbidden fruits fall

And glaze under the sun

Branches propagate glamorous babes

No one ever asked

For 15 years

As its shadow grew

Casting over like an angel

Of fervent summers

Eclipsing wary souls

Ever year

An inch upward

Closer towards the peaceful clouds

And the vibrant sun

Flares of wind

Swaying the leaves and branches

Strong and imminent

Surrounded by homes

The mountains

And roads

By humans

And people

Good and bad




Inhaling in all the bad and good around

It is and will only ever be a tree

Standing there immortal and mortal

A bystander

To the existence of the world

And it’s people

Just imagine


And fields

Of trees


All for us

And what do we ever do for them?

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