from the bottom of my empty heart

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Out of Love

I woke up alone to an empty bed

The sheets were piled high and my eyes were glowing red

I thought you,

I knew you,

Were going someplace else

But I never understood the reason of the rest

Your kisses,

I thought they were mine.

Your warmth,

You gave it all to me.

But after all this, do you have to resign?

Two years ago, I took you by the hand

Said we could make it, and that’s what we did.

But little did I know you were drifting all but away,

And come today, you disappeared, but not from my head.

These blows to my chest that I couldn’t take

And as I sit on the bed we once shared,

Where I loved you, and you said you did

But now I know you were lying,

And I was unprepared

For the secrets you weren’t telling,

And the lies you declared.

What made you do it?

Falling out of love

Isn’t that easy

But I guess for you,

It was completely.

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