from the bottom of my empty heart

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An Open Door

i can’t stop myself from falling...

from the kitchen to the bathroom sink,

and your breaths are grounding me,

pulling me,

down to earth.

your eyes are drowning me, killing me,

don’t destroy me.

ruin me until my cheeks are hallowed and my nose is raw,

but keep the door open.

you can leave me here to waste.

i was once a man with

dignity and grace.

now we’re falling through the cracks of this place.

please, please...

hidden sympathy or apathy;

your cold corridors;

cut me down,

throw me out,

leave me here





leave the door open-

because you’ll come back,

you’ll come back to haunt me again,

to love me and hold me again,

and to crack me and shatter me and ruin me again.



the door will be open.

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