from the bottom of my empty heart

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An Unspoken Change

It was unexpected,

uninvited and unexplained.

I climbed the steps to my disastrous fate

and with each breath counted my thoughts.

This could all be over now.

This could all be gone...

Weren’t you supposed to cheer for me?

That’s your job. (Isn’t it?)

Weren’t you supposed to be there for me?

I guess not.

But you know- it ain’t that easy.

This is real, so don’t tell me I’m too young.

Don’t tell me I don’t know.

I may be inexperienced,

(unlike you, apparently)

and I may be biased.

But who are you

to tell me who to be?

We are nothing without motion, sound, gravity.

We are nothing special in this existing universe.

Yet everyone wishes for something,

to pave them the way.

I wish you wouldn’t give me your hand but your heart,

not your mind, but your spirit.

I wish you would look at me and appreciate what I am.

I w i s h . . .

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