from the bottom of my empty heart

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But What If

at night I awake

I open my eyes

to the lonely and glittering

red sunrise.

I think of my past

all broken and blue,

but is it truly how I describe it,

so bitter and angry?

I pick up my head

from where I lay it

and watch the stars

fade away.

will I ever be like those stars,

winking out of

seeming existence?

I will go away,


it’s disappointing that I don’t get to choose when.

like tomorrow or next week or in ten years.

what if I did have a choice?

would things really be much different?

what if I’m scared?

of the world,

of myself.

of everything that goes wrong.

right now,

would being extinct be better than being here?


thank you for reading.

I hope you’re faring better than I am, that you’ve found happiness wherever you most needed it.

and if you aren’t,

just remember,

you are loved.

you are here.

you ARE okay.

and you will be.

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