from the bottom of my empty heart

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Even the Stars

One step forward,

two steps back.

Trudging through the endless abyss,

lost in pain and emotion.

Every breath taken,

every single step,

accompanied by unshed tears,

rips in the mask.

Dark and cold atmosphere,

ashen, pale face.

How do you fake a smile?

How do you hide your affliction?

How do you pretend you’re something you’re not?

But even the stars sometimes flicker.

Even the stars burn out.

But you,


you won’t burn out.

You might blaze and flame,

you might weep and smolder,

but you will keep igniting

every single time.

Even the stars are tired.

Through the long nights,

they stay awake,

always waiting,

always watching,

always fighting.

They stay alive for us,

so won’t we do the same for them?

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